Supply | SA20 | time lapse video  33 seconds

Seasonal supply: we should not think that we can have all kinds of food all year round. Seasons relate to food supply. It often signifies having come from a long distance or grown semi-artificially in greenhouses using a lot of energy and water.

The social expectation of endless and constant supply is unsustainable and should not be expected or seen as the norm.

‘Only when the last tree has been cut down, the last fish been caught, and the last stream poisoned, will we realise we cannot eat money.’ – Cree Indian prophecy

Music: Ciénaga, Tomas Novoa

Many thanks to Victor Benito at Asturcom

Loo’s and Colomina’s | 2012 | film 6:56

On mediated consumption.

It is important to consider that we are increasingly watching the world from a mediated perspective, rather than the actual. How often are we somewhere special, take a photo, then look at the shot on the camera screen, rather than the actual thing or place still in front of us?

A suburban railway station offers an unlikely place to re-explore everyday things we no longer really experience with all our senses. We naturally edit out so much of what goes on around us; we could not survive the day-to-day without it.

This dictates that the mediated experience means we not only miss much of the detail around us, but more importantly the overall experience, which would include sounds, smells, context, and even the experience of how we arrived at such a place. So we lose out on the arbitrary possible occurrences that we had not planned for, which can lead to alternative experiences, events and even life paths.